Essential Oil Blends

Our Essential oil Blends are individually hand made by us using natural, pure aromatherapy essential oils, diluted in fractionated coconut oil, each containing a unique blend of Bach Flower remedies.

Whether you wish to invite in love, healing, calmness, protection, grounding, strong, cleansed, disconnected, joy, abundance or freedom, we have the perfect Essential oil Blend for you as each one has been created for a different purpose.

Simply pop a few drops into a bath for a relaxing or uplifting or healing experience.

Or pop 2 or 3 drops into your diffuser with your regular water and enjoy the natural healing aroma into your home/room/office etc. 

They come in a 10ml brown glass bottle so they can be stored for up to 2 years and still be amazing.

All contents are natural & chemical free, Vegan friendly & cruelty free.

View our range below!

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