Our Candles

Our beautiful candles are all individually hand made by us using only natural products and ingredients. 

We use soy wax blended with different pure essential oils and crystals to create these gentle candles that soothe, calm and uplift. 

Many normal candles give off lots of unpleasant chemicals when burnt. Some are harmful and not at all good for us. Also some are found to contain animal products! 

Neither of which we want in our homes.

Our candles are from natural  products and intentionally kind and chemical free and with the addition of pure essential oils, flowers and crystals they can actually help us and not harm us as they basically are from nature. 

We have handmade all of our candles and you can choose from our range below.

All are in a clear reusable glass jar.

65mm height

50mm width

Average burning time 15 hours

A beautiful natural gift for yourself or others 

And all of our candles are cruelty free and vegan friendly too

All candles can be posted out to you for £12.50 each.

Free UK Delivery on orders over £30!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do as we love creating them!

View our range below

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